3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs – Important Things to Know

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs – Important Things to Know

Some men enter relationships, promise to be committed to their partners, but then cheat on them, in some cases more than once. It’s hard to understand how there are men who become good and caring partners while others are unfaithful despite knowing it could destroy their girlfriends or wives.

Most of the time, women cannot figure out what men in affairs really think. Unfortunately, relationships in which one partner cheats can not only hurt the other emotionally but can also cause trauma and a lack of trust in future partners.

So, what are the different types of men who have affairs? Keep on reading to find out. 

Why Do Men Have Affairs?

The reason men cheat remains a mystery for many women who have dealt with infidelity. It’s very difficult to understand how these people’s minds work and what causes them to do something like this despite knowing the effect it would have on their partners.

When someone you put all your trust in and love with your whole heart and soul cheats on you, it feels like the whole sky comes crashing down on you. You’re overwhelmed by the strong emotions that you feel. All of a sudden, you start asking yourself all sorts of questions, such as:

  • How long has he been cheating on me?
  • Did he cheat with more people that I’m not aware of?
  • Did I do something wrong?
  • What will happen if I forgive him?
  • Will he keep cheating if the relationship doesn’t end?
  • Was the affair physical, or were emotions also involved?

Now, there are many reasons why a man ends up cheating. Obviously, nothing can justify doing something like this, but understanding the underlying reasons will help you deal with the situation more easily and think clearly. Some potential reasons include:


Believe it or not, some men cheat simply because they think it’s something they can get away with. In some cases, they even have no regrets about cheating.

Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Sometimes, men cheat because they have been rejected sexually by their partners. This can happen whether the rejection happened one time or has been going on for a while.

Decreased Self-Esteem

Validation from other individuals is something that can help us when we’re experiencing low self-esteem. So, men who are not confident enough often end up in affairs. In some cases, a man in a relationship may even return to the person he is cheating with to get his dose of validation.

Men who are insecure about themselves do this, too. They may not know other ways to deal with their insecurities, so they cheat instead.

Bored of the Relationship

Boredom can arise in any relationship, whether it’s been going on only for a few months or for a few years. When some men do not get the excitement and fulfillment they want from their partners, they seek it from someone else.


If a man in a relationship was cheated on before, he may also cheat out of revenge. He probably feels resentment or anger because of his partner.

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs – Important Things to Know

Three Types of Men Who Have Affairs

There are different reasons why men have affairs, but what are the types of men who do this? Each man is unique and wants something else when he’s cheating on a partner.

3 types of men have affairs in relationships respectively:

1. Womanizing Male

A womanizing male is a man who loves chasing new women and experiencing new romance all the time. There’s an excitement that comes with seeking someone else, especially since he can obtain more flattery, admiration, and attention from an affair.

These men are controlled by their own egos and want to be perceived as the most desirable and attractive. Also, they aren’t the type to stay with one partner for a very long time.

Womanizing males do not usually take responsibility for their actions or how they made their suffering partner feel. They will always scream about being the ones with the right to try other things and will say that being with one woman is not fulfilling enough.

Their affairs don’t usually have anything to do with emotional intimacy but rather with physical pleasure.

2. Opportunist Male

An opportunist male will wait for the perfect opportunity to cheat. So, he may not plan for this in advance or think about it – it’s something that happens when he has the chance to do so.

Opportunist men are controlled by their impulses, and they do not see their current relationships as an obstacle. They simply want to have some temporary excitement and thrill, and because they do not see the emotional implications, they don’t see infidelity as a big deal. To them, it’s nothing but a physical act, so they get over it very fast.

Moreover, opportunist males usually cheat more than once.

3. Unhappy Cheating Male

Unhappy, cheating males are the ones who feel like they do not get what they need from their relationships. Because he may not receive the validation, emotional appreciation, and care he requires, he will go somewhere else to obtain these things.

This is not something that happens randomly like it does for opportunist or womanizing males, but rather something that occurs over time. The relationship has an emotional break, and the man goes to someone else who can fulfill his emotional needs.

This type of man cheats to avoid conflict, to escape to someone who gives him comfort, or to get an emotional connection from another person.

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs – Important Things to Know

Understanding Infidelity from a Man’s Perspective

Women often ask, “Why do men have affairs?” and cannot understand this from a man’s perspective. Usually, men see cheating differently than women.

Lots of men do this to deal with their low self-esteem or their insecurities, or they may simply do it because they do not see anything emotional in it and see it just as a physical act. Besides, if they can attract other women, they feel better about themselves.


What does a married man want in an affair? It can either be a physical pleasure, some temporary thrill, validation, or an escape from an unhappy relationship or marriage. It’s the values and choices of a person that cause infidelity, though. Nothing can rationalize cheating, but understanding the possible reasons may help you prevent this or even deal with the situation more maturely.


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