Consolidate Corporate Approvals to Remove Operational Drag

Capriza provides a fast and simple way to perform all your corporate approvals anytime, anywhere. Ensure corporate compliance while you free up hours of time that’s currently spent finding approval emails, logging into disparate systems, and navigating multi-screen workflows. Now, POs, timesheets, sales discounts, PTO requests, capital expenditure requests, and all other approval types can be consolidated and executed from a single app – using the business applications you already have.

Find out how much your organization spends on approvals-related work using the calculator at right.

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Consolidated Approvals from Your Smartphone

We believe that approvals should be easy. That’s why we’ve created a consolidated approval experience that brings together all the different kinds of approvals from your business applications into a single micro app, from any smartphone.

Kent Lyon
VP of Finance
RPC, Inc.

“The accumulative impact of approvals across the entire organization takes a major toll on our productivity, creating significant operational drag. With Capriza, we’ve been able to eliminate that burden and reduce approval cycle times by more than 75%.”

Rob Kooijman
Director of Process & Solutions Management
Volvo Financial Services

“With Capriza, we can leverage the systems that are already in place, and that our people are used to. Now we can expedite approved pricing from a number of days to just a couple of hours.”

Say goodbye to the approval obstacle course.