A Smarter Approvals Solution

Meet the Enterprise Approvals Platform.

ApproveSimple by Capriza

Simplified approvals speed up a company’s decision-making by up to 70%. Companies such as Autodesk, PepsiCo and Harman use Capriza to reduce costs, remove bottlenecks, save time, improve regulatory compliance and increase employee satisfaction.

Now, important business processes that occur in multiple systems can be centralized around approvals.

  • Integrates securely with any business system – even homegrown applications
  • Available where your employees are: on mobile, desktop, in Slack and in Microsoft Teams. One approvals interface for any of your source systems, without having to fumble with multiple logins and stand-alone apps
  • Make better, faster decisions with all relevant information available in one place. Get in, take action, and get out.

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Leading Enterprises Trust Capriza:

"Approvals take a major toll on productivity. With Capriza, we’ve been able to eliminate that burden and reduce cycle times by 75%. From a compliance standpoint, this ensures peace of mind, while providing a quick, consistent mobile experience."
Kent Lyon
VP of Finance, RPC

“With Capriza, we’ve improved our revenue recognition compliance and billing accuracy, streamlined field processes and purchasing approvals, and reallocated more time to selling - while reducing costs and saving time.”
Rick Keller
Director of Business Applications, Titan Machinery