3 Productivity Killers Lurking in Plain Sight (and How to Stop Them)

  • Apr 1, 2019,
  • By Dave Charlesworth
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Your organization’s processes are intended to help you scale up and improve efficiency. When you reach a point where old processes are having the opposite effect, it’s time to take stock. Is your current way of doing business causing bottlenecks, delays, and inefficiencies? Processes should simplify and standardize the tasks necessary to keep your organization running efficiently and smoothly.

Here are 3 efficiency killers and how you can stop them.

1 — Email Purgatory

Do you feel like too much of your day is spent responding to irrelevant emails?  Or spent responding to requests that could be better served by taking the request out of your email system entirely? Alternately, sometimes important emails can slip into the junk folder at the most inopportune times. Missing important emails can delay projects and employee and client satisfaction. Important notifications can, and should, happen outside of email. Tools that proactively notify users of pending requests, like push notifications, can be a more effective solution than mining your email inbox and spam folder every day.

2 — The Password Abyss

Human beings have a limited supply of short-term and long-term memory. When employees must remember more than a handful of passwords, chances are that they will start to forget them. This is especially true when dealing with systems that they may not necessarily access on a regular basis. And, it’s getting worse. According to Emmanuel Schalit, the chief executive of the consumer password security company Dashline, people may face double the demand for passwords within the next five years. Password retrieval is now one of the most common IT helpdesk requests.

However, managers and executives may use certain business systems simply to execute a single task: approving a request. Instead of remembering passwords to multiple systems, users can actually have all their requests consolidated into a single hub, obviating the need to remember multiple logins.

3 — The Limbo of the Approval Chain

When employees make a request (be it for additional headcount for their team, a time-off request, or to order vital supplies) they need fast answers to stay productive and engaged. Many approval requests require more than one sign-off to get to the finish line. The managers who review, assess, and make a decision on the request also have many other priorities competing for their time. Bringing approval requests to the top of a manager’s priority list is crucial.

Another hurdle that impedes decision-making is the fact that those managers and executives in the approval chain are often on the road. Because many of the business systems that they interact with require VPN access, managers who are traveling can’t execute the necessary approvals while out of the office. A solution that allows approvals to be communicated to the various business systems so that decisions can be made remotely can alleviate this common obstacle.

A decision-making Valhalla

Capriza’s ApproveSimple addresses many of the issues that impede productivity, from navigating complex systems to remembering multiple logins to finding lost approval requests. Capriza’s ApproveSimple gives your organization anytime, anywhere access to pending approvals using all of your inherited security protocols. ApproveSimple provides a simplified and aggregated experience for all of your corporate decisions. Contact Capriza for a quick demonstration or to learn more.

Dave Charlesworth

As VP of Sales, Dave guides Capriza’s customers and partners through their digital transformation journeys. Dave is passionate about building relationships and helping our clients achieve their organizational goals.


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