Easy Does It – 4 Ways to Simplify Your ERP

  • Jun 25, 2019,
  • By Jay Hinman

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be complicated, highly-specialized and often seemingly designed only for tech prodigies who can navigate any IT system as experts. Said another way, these solutions can be clunky, cumbersome and complicated to operate on a practical, casual-user level. 

Fortunately, there’s a balance to be struck in which an ERP can provide an elegant and  well-functioning IT solution, while also being a user-friendly, simplified system that anyone within your organization can access. 

Let’s explore the issues with traditional ERP systems and how you can avoid typical pitfalls, while reaping the benefits of ERP for your business. 

Problems With Traditional ERP

Although EPR systems can go a long way in streamlining your internal processes, they aren’t without their flaws. These solutions often make lofty promises, only to run into a number of roadblocks along the way. While ERP promises to make your life easier, there is often an overabundance when it comes to technology features, bells, and whistles. Some of the common issues with traditional ERP systems include:

  • Overly complex technology
  • Convoluted workflows
  • Cluttered interfaces
  • Unnecessary features
  • Inefficient mobile applications

These issues can become particularly significant when your team is in the field or working remotely, and trying to work through approval processes. Approvals are often the main point of control in any ERP system – how work flows or graduates from one person to another. Whether it’s employee timesheets, vacation requests, purchase orders or expense reports, if your organization is spending unnecessary time on approvals, you’re also losing out on valuable time that your team could be spending on growth, developing new ideas and out-performing your competitors. 

4 Ways to Simplify Your ERP

The problems described above don’t need to make or break your business. Any savvy business can identify and address these issues before they sideline operations and bog down your workflows. The following four solutions are ways to improve your current systems and simplifying your ERP:

1 – Increase Mobile Capability

For many enterprise users, work is completed nearly as much on a smartphone as on desktop. When your team operates on the go, if your processes can’t keep up, you’ll quickly get left behind your competition. When it comes to ERP or any type of business software, a solid mobile application is essential, no matter your organization’s size or the industry that you’re in. 

Adding a well-functioning mobile component to your ERP system gives your employees the ability to submit approvals in the field, whether that’s from a job site, home office, or airport terminal. Similarly, managers can also complete their part of the process from any location. Today, a strong mobile application is a must-have for keeping up with ever-increasing demands for doing business on the go. Without mobile capabilities, your ERP falls short and likely weighs down your workflows.

2 – Use a Simplified Interface

Before making a decision on an ERP system for your organization, it’s important to test drive your options. You’ll notice that while many systems promise the same benefits, like improved productivity and greater mobility, they will each have a different way of arriving at those results. 

Some systems are clean, simple, and easy to use. Others, not so much. Crowded screens, too many icons and menu options, poor search capabilities, or anything that just looks cluttered make it harder for your team to do their jobs, particularly in the ramping up phase and as new users or trainees. 

Selecting a system with a straightforward, consumer-grade interface simplifies the business that your team needs to do, without any excess that crowds their ability to move through their workflow.

3 – Provide Ample Training and Support

Even the slickest, most promising ERP system becomes a useless tool and a poor investment if your team can’t use it or optimize its features. To get the most out of ERP, both desktop and mobile, your team will need ample training and unlimited support to get up to speed and maintain efficiency. 

When doing your due diligence on an ERP system, one of the most important criteria to consider is the provided training and support. Asking questions about how training is carried out and how your staff can access ongoing support and troubleshooting should be a key part of the selection process.

The best system for your business will likely be the one with the most accessible training. This is critical in making the most of your investment and making sure your team gets the most out of the solution you opt for. There is an inevitable learning curve that comes with adopting new ERP systems, and the right one will address this in an easy, user-friendly way. 

4 – Work With ERP Experts

Any savvy business owner or decision maker understands that there are shortcomings to any software system that you use. To mitigate any issues, there are several paths that you can, and should, follow. One is partnering with a group of outsourced experts in the ERP space. Another is pairing your existing ERP system with supplementary software that can rapidly smooth out any pain points that you’re experiencing with your current system.

The Approve Simple Solution

All is not lost if your current ERP system isn’t living up to all of its promises, or if it’s not optimized to fit with all of your workplace needs. Capriza’s ApproveSimple acts as an overlay of your current ERP, whether it’s Workday, Concur, Oracle, ServiceNow or another system. With ApproveSimple, your organization can sidestep many of the challenges that ERP systems face. 

ApproveSimple offers a unique solution that simplifies approvals of all types, whether it’s client invoices, change requests, employee leave requests or purchase orders. ApproveSimple integrates with your ERP system and streamlines the entire process. Features include an efficient, consumer-grade interface, a user-friendly and speedy mobile application, and hands-on training that gets you and your team up to speed quickly.

If you’re in the process of selecting an ERP, one way to ensure that the approvals portion of its workflows go smoothly is to elegantly extract and beautifully simplify them with Capriza. We work best when you get started with just one system such as ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle Cloud or any other API-powered system – even your own homegrown solutions. Let’s talk, and we’re happy to show you how it all works in a quick demo.

Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is the VP of Marketing at Capriza, focused on helping organizations achieve greater business agility and faster decision cycles by accelerating approvals.


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