New eBook: 2019 IT Leader’s Workforce Engagement Reader

  • Jun 21, 2019,
  • By Ronnen Armon

It’s 2019, and if you’re anything like most of the IT leaders with whom we work at Capriza, you’re struggling at times to overcome the complexity and inefficiencies that come from using multiple applications to manage and optimize your company’s daily business operations.

It’s likely falling on your shoulders to figure it all out, too – perhaps disproportionately. You probably are finding that the ongoing trend of specialized SaaS applications per function is weakening any central orchestration and control you thought you had, leading to information silos and a plethora of logins, processes, and workflows that aren’t quite as elegantly synched as you’d like.

What’s more, IT leaders are often measured on the adoption of the tools and systems you deploy throughout
the enterprise, yet you may be finding that adoption of these systems is lagging among the line-level
managers, executives, and users who only need to use these systems occasionally.

Over my seven years at Capriza working directly with large enterprises to help enhance their workforce
engagement and accelerate their digital transformations, I’ve been able to gain some insights into areas that
are commonly broken, as well as how to go about fixing them.

My team has put together a new eBook that shares some of our in-the-trenches learnings and advice, gathered through close collaboration with enterprises as large and as diverse as PepsiCo, Autodesk, Harman International, MasterCard, Volvo Financial Services, RPC and many more.

I’m hoping you find it interesting and full of information you’re able to act upon and implement within your own organizations.

Ronnen Armon

Ronnen is Co-founder and CEO of Capriza. He helps Capriza's clients enhance their corporate decision-making by providing managers and executives with a simple and consolidated view of all their approvals via their mobile devices.


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