Customer Experience Leader DirecTV Modernizes to Maintain Their Lead

In a few weeks, we saw our call center costs go down, our field technicians self-enabled, and our customer wait time reduced considerably.

Sven Gerjets, SVP IT, DirecTV

DirecTV is a leader of direct broadcast satellite service providers and broadcasters, an industry struggling with customer service. It disrupted the market with its expanded offerings and innovative technology when it was started in 1994. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, DirecTV has consistently received higher than average customer satisfaction scores, and in 2007 it was even awarded a J. D. Power award for customer satisfaction. Today, it has over 37 million customers in the United States and Latin America, with $8.92 billion annual revenue for 2014. DirecTV is one of the leading companies constantly pursuing improved customer satisfaction to remain competitive in the market.

Business Needs

One of the first areas DirecTV targeted was improving their customer on-boarding experience to deliver on an incredibly efficient and customer-friendly process. Previously, it was a very lengthy process that required technicians to spend approximately 25 minutes on the phone with a call center representative who manually inputted the hardware serial numbers into a backend activation system. Additionally, manual activation had to occur for each box in a customer’s house, bringing the entire visit to upwards of 45 minutes. DirecTV saw the opportunity to streamline this process by arming technicians with a mobile app that activates boxes in real time in the customer’s homes, allowing technicians to complete more activations in a day as well as increasing customer satisfaction with a shorter visit. DirecTV started on a journey to build out this mobile app internally.  However, after spending a considerable amount of money and 18 months on this project, they did not succeed in creating a fully functioning mobile app.


DirecTV was looking for a custom mobile app solution that would mobilize their technicians with a simple app that could be created quickly and cost-effectively, and would not require additional training. Further, they needed the app to work intuitively across all devices, as field technicians are contractors who bring their own device to work. With Capriza’s enterprise mobile applications for business, DirecTV’s IT team was able to create a mobile Zapp, a simple one-minute workflow to enable field technicians. The new mobile customer activation leverages the native camera functionality of the phone to scan the barcode serial number of the set top boxes, making activations immediate, and enabling employees to better serve their customers.


DirecTV created a fully functioning mobile Zapp, accessible by all field technicians. By leveraging the camera capability, they were able to completely bypass the call center, save the company approximately $50 on call center costs per customer activation. They were able to complete the activation in roughly one minute, cutting down approximately 25 minutes per installation and eliminated customer frustration. Ultimately, contractors are able to go to more locations in a day, and the Capriza Zapp powers 34,000 activations a month.

DirecTV case study Zapp

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