KVC Health Systems Mobilizes Field Workers – Saving 17,500 Hours a Month

With Capriza, we can easily build Zapps that are fully compliant with state and federal requirements. By mobilizing existing applications, we’ll see an increase in productivity of up to 30 percent during the next 12 months, which means better care for the individuals we serve.

Lonnie Johnson, Vice President of Business Information Technology, KVC Health Systems

KVC Health Systems, headquartered in the greater Kansas City area, is a private, nonprofit organization and a national leader in behavioral healthcare and child welfare. The organization is committed to its mission of enriching and enhancing the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services, and education. KVC’s services include in-home support to keep families together, foster care, adoption, youth substance abuse treatment, mental/behavioral healthcare, and psychiatric hospitals. KVC has 33 locations in Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, and West Virginia and conducts training around the world.

Business Needs

Recent healthcare reforms, including the Affordable Care Act’s Meaningful Use requirements, are putting increased pressure on healthcare organizations to minimize the amount of resources devoted to administrative tasks. The vast majority of the case workers need to be able to collect data on the go in a HIPAA-and state compliant manner. In addition to federal and state compliance, KVC Health Systems has a corporate commitment to providing therapy and other support in the family’s home as opposed to in an office setting, resulting in a workforce that spends as much time as possible in the field. However, current reporting methods are very resource intensive and often require more steps than necessary, so KVC Health’s Information Technology team needed a way to digitize and mobilize the data capture to expedite data dissemination and free up field workers’ time.


KVC needed to modernize a decades-old custom-built system in ways that simplified the data capture process and eliminated extraneous screens, to make the tasks easier and quicker for the case workers, while remaining HIPPA-compliant. They also needed a mobile development platform to allow the case workers to input the data while in the field using their mobile device. In addition, they needed a way for managers to approve specific actions on behalf of their clients, as a result of the data being submitted. Capriza provided legacy system modernization that worked with their existing legacy system, required no development resources and no coding, and delivered a fast turnaround for the project. With Capriza’s mobile solution services, KVC’s IT team was able to create mobile Zapps, simple one-minute workflows, to enable field teams and managers to expedite case updates and action plans.


With the Case Management and Crisis Log Zapp, KVC employees are expected to save approximately 75 minutes a day each by enabling HIPAA-compliant mobile reporting. With the Approvals Zapp, managers are able to expedite decisions and outcomes for their clients. The digitizing of these processes are expected to free up 17,500 hours a month of field time that can be invested into the children and families they serve.


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