The one-minute Zapp is exactly what we’re after. To not have to develop this in all the different platforms not only helps the field, but it is quick and easy on IT to develop.

Kent Lyon, VP Finance

RPC is a publicly held oilfield services company comprised of four companies under its umbrella: Cudd Energy Services, Patterson Services, Thru Tubing Solutions, and Bronco Oilfield Services. RPC provides a wide range of oil and gas services and equipment needed throughout the life cycle of a well to independent and major oil field companies, domestically and in select international markets.

Business Needs

In any given week, RPC has employees working at hundreds of sites completing and maintaining oil wells. To carry out the work, employees need to order and receive a lot of materials. For instance, one well alone can require two million pounds of sand. Since the field workers have no access to corporate systems, they order materials by phone and need to have someone else input the purchase orders into their ERP system, PeopleSoft. Tracking orders and deliveries in a compliant manner is a challenge or the business that falls on the finance organization. The finance team spends cycles following up to make sure the processes are being followed. On the approvals side, RPC’s regional managers and executives must approve the purchase orders. Since PeopleSoft is not mobile-enabled and is very time-intensive to use, managers end up doing the approvals at night and on weekends. One district manager, whose division at the peak ran $45-$50 million in revenue per month, spent 33 hours in one month approving over 800 POs.


RPC’s PeopleSoft enterprise mobile strategy is finance-driven, designed to help capture PO submissions, approvals, and receivables in the field in real-time. Capriza offered application modernization services to mobilize PeopleSoft, and turn workflows into one-minute mobile apps, called Zapps, that are quick and intuitive for field workers to use without training. Capriza was also selected for being quick, easy, and cost-effective for creating Zapps with no coding, no APIs, no new security, and for inheriting all the customizations RPC has made to its PeopleSoft implementation. Since RPC has acquired different companies with different business needs, they have more than one ERP system and many industry-specific systems. Capriza was also selected for its ability to work across all business systems, and provide a consistent mobile experience for the field employees, regardless of the various backend applications.


RPC is carrying out their vision for “field accounting” – the ability for those in the field to leverage their phones to provide finance with real-time reporting on PO submissions, PO approvals, receivables, logistics, and asset management – classifying equipment for different accounting stages in the Acquire-to-Retire lifecycle. The first Zapps rolled out were for mobilizing workflows in PeopleSoft, specifically PO approvals and asset management. RPC’s IT team was able to create each Zapp in about 3 weeks. Adoption of the Zapps by field employees was immediate and without any training. Approvals that once took more than two minutes to do in PeopleSoft, now take 30 seconds from the field – a 4X improvement in time savings. The next Zapps being created are shipment receivables, requisition approvals, and fuel tracking for field workers traveling to different sites.


RPC - PO Approvals Zapp

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