Titan Machinery Boosts Field Productivity and Revenue Recognition Compliance

Capriza provides Titan Machinery the flexibility to cost-effectively mobilize a variety of essential business applications, enabling our workforce to be more efficient and flexible with many different daily tasks.

Rick Keller, Director of Business Applications, Titan Machinery

Titan Machinery is one of the largest owners and operators of a network of full-service agriculture and construction equipment dealerships, with more than 2300 employees across 100 sites throughout the United States and Europe. The company is a leader in agriculture and construction equipment sales and rentals, as well as servicing the extremely high value equipment. Like many companies trying to keep up with the competitive pace of business today, Titan is going through a digital transformation effort to help the business run more efficiently and effectively. Mobility is a key focus for the company’s transformation efforts to enable speed and access to corporate information anywhere.

Business Needs

Titan’s process for transporting the high-value equipment to and from customers requires field service reps to manually capture details of equipment conditions, delivery confirmation, and customer signature. Then reps then need to enter the information into Oracle JDEdwards once they are back in the office – which averages about 2 weeks later. This gap in time made the company out of compliance from a revenue recognition standpoint and important customer details were being omitted in the process. In order to remain compliant and have up-to-date information on all high-value assets and customers, Titan is cutting the inefficiencies associated with this pen-to-paper-to-computer process. Addressing the inefficiencies in field service is part of Titan’s larger business transformation initiative to modernize all areas of the business.


Titan’s IT team was looking for a solution to simplify and mobilize Oracle JD Edwards. While modernizing the process for field service teams to transport the equipment was the immediate need, Titan also needed a solution that could simplify and mobilize other software systems. Capriza was selected as an alternative to ripping and replacing Oracle JD Edwards by mobilizing the workflows and making it quick and easy for the field teams to enter pertinent customer data. Since Titan’s field team spans 700 users, Capriza’s ability to create intuitive Zapps that require no end-user training was of extreme interest to Titan.


Using Capriza’s Oracle mobile app designer, Titan’s IT team was able to create a Zapp, a bite-size Oracle mobile app, to fully digitize delivery pick-up orders for their field delivery team, cutting out all paper forms.  With this Zapp, the new paper-less delivery/pick-up order process is documented in the corporate system at the time of pick up and drop off, allowing for immediate recognition of equipment delivery and therefore revenue.  By digitizing the signatures and equipment condition forms, employees can be more productive out in the field and no longer have to be tied up in the inefficiencies of manually inputting information only in the office. As part of their larger business transformation process, Titan is also mobilizing time sheets for all technicians, who must record time spent on specific tasks, making the repeatable task quick and efficient.


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