Versartis Mobilizes Critical Supply Chain Approvals, Making for a Modern-Day Agile Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

With Capriza, IT is no longer just keeping the lights on. We’re adding real value to the business by streamlining critical business processes. We’ve been able to accelerate critical approvals more efficiently.

Todd Dekkinga, Executive Director, IT, Versartis

Versartis is an endocrine-focused bio-pharmaceutical company developing novel, long-acting medicines to transform treatment for patients with endocrine disorders. The company has recently initiated a Phase 3 clinical study of Somavaratan, a human growth hormone for the treatment of pediatric growth hormone deficiency, intended to reduce the burden of daily injection therapy, improve compliance, and yield better treatment outcomes.

Business Need

As a modern bio-pharmaceutical company, Versartis runs very lean and relies on outsourced vendors for various parts of the business including clinical lab work and product development for its drug and devices. As a result, there are a lot of contracts, POs, and invoices that need to be approved on a regular basis to keep clinical progress and product development moving, as well as maintaining good vendor relationships. Most employees do not work out of the main office, and the workforce overall does a lot of traveling to Europe and Japan. The company needed a way to keep approvals for supplier contracts, POs, and invoices moving while employees are on the road.


Versartis was looking to transform the experience employees have with business applications to make it simple, easy, and quick regardless of the backend application. The company uses NetSuite as their ERP solution, AirWatch for MDM, Okta for single sign on and Active Directory for domain management. They selected Capriza for enterprise app development that would simplify and mobilize the approvals workflows, and provide push notifications for immediate action. They liked that Capriza can turn any workflow into a Zapp, a one-minute micro app that can work with any device, and that the solution works seamlessly with AirWatch. Ease of use and time to value were also key factors, as well as having a dashboard that showcases usage to help monitor and manage adoption.


Versartis was able to roll out three Zapps from two different source applications in just two months. Approvals for POs, contracts, and invoices take less than a minute and are now done immediately, saving up to three weeks of lag time from the old process that required users to log in to NetSuite on their computers and navigate multiple screens. Versartis has extended the one-minute workflows to other parts of the business as well. The company now has a Zapps for time-off approvals, and for employee onboarding that makes the integration between Okta and Active Directory as simple as a click. Next on the roadmap are expense submissions and approvals from Concur and the down the line when they roll out Salesforce for their commercialization efforts, they will turn specific sales workflows into simple one-minute Zapps.

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