Introducing Universal Micro Apps



Introducing Universal Micro Apps

Today we’re delighted to announce a major new release of the Capriza solution, named Falcon, that introduces the industry’s first set of Universal Micro Apps.

So why is this release called Falcon? We’ve heard over and over again from our customers that time to value is key. The falcon is the fastest flying bird – and with this release, we believe we can deliver the fastest time to value.

But before we go into that, let me share some of the recurring challenges we hear from prospects and customers regarding their foray into enterprise mobility solutions:

  1. IT departments are looking for help in prescribing high-value use cases to the business. Building a cafeteria menu app or a meeting room reservation app is a nice-to-have, but doesn’t move the needle from a business perspective.
  2. IT recognizes that although they have expertise in their business and the applications that run the business, they often don’t have expertise in mobile design and development.
  3. IT knows that the critical applications that run the business are not going away anytime soon and that using the same complex screens and workflows doesn’t work on a mobile device.

Universal Micro Apps

In the Falcon release we continue to address these challenges through the introduction of the Universal Micro Apps. These are pre-built, mobile-optimized workflows for common processes that can be attached to any of your web-based business applications (off-the-shelf or custom) for rapid delivery to the business. These task-based mobile enterprise apps also come with automatic, proactive alerting via push notifications and swipeable widgets based on business conditions so that users have ready access to information when they need it.

In this release, we focused on providing Universal Micro Apps specifically for the most common approvals processes including: expenses, invoices, requisitions, POs and time off. By providing a consistent, unified experience for the different types of approvals, users are shielded from the nuances and complexities of the underlying applications to maximize productivity and minimize delays.

Why approvals? Because we recognized them as a pervasive challenge across all companies, regardless of size and industry, and because they’re integral to pretty much all of their line segments. It’s no coincidence that over 40% of our customers have rolled out at least one approval micro app.

We’re very fortunate to work with some great customers who are equally passionate about their work as we are. Here’s a quote from Kent Lyon, RPC’s VP of Finance who uses our solution to mobile-enable employees out in the oilfields.

“We have hundreds of managers working at remote sites who need to approve purchase orders for materials to keep our projects moving. In one month alone, a district manager spent over 33 hours approving 800 POs. The accumulative impact of approvals across the entire organization takes a major toll on our productivity, creating significant operational drag. With Capriza, we’ve been able to eliminate that burden and reduce approval cycle times by more than 4x. From a compliance standpoint, this ensures peace of mind, while providing a quick and consistent mobile user experience.”


Universal Micro App for PO Approvals


If you’d like to learn more about the approvals challenges, check out the approvals infographic or visit our approvals page.

What’s next on the product roadmap? Well, that’s for another blog, but needless to say we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify high value business processes that help mobile-enable people.
For more information, read today’s press release or visit the new Falcon landing page.

Simon is responsible for Capriza’s product marketing and is passionate about bringing products to market and developing and growing the business. He brings over 20 years of product marketing and management experience in enterprise mobility, IoT, and application and network testing. Prior to Capriza, he led the product marketing efforts at Jasper (acquired by Cisco), and has led product teams at AtHoc (acquired by BlackBerry) and Mercury (acquired by Hewlett Packard).

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