Seamlessly connect to your business applications with no APIs

Innovative and patented technology powers ZappTM micro apps by connecting to business applications directly through the browser, transforming the user experience while inheriting all security and business logic.


Virtual Browsers

Virtual Browsers

Transformation Layer

Transformation Layer

Business Logic

Business Logic

Virtual Browsers run existing applications

When ZappTM micro apps are run by an end user, Virtual Browsers hosted in the Capriza Runtime connect and run your existing application, providing a full session-based connection between the Zapp micro app and the application. These Virtual Browsers can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise, with enterprise-level security and scalability. The Capriza Runtime mobile integration leverages performance optimization techniques to ensure a highly responsive user experience.



Transformation layer optimizes UX

With Capriza’s patented technology, a transformation layer is established between the Virtual Browser and the Zapp micro app, providing a two-way real-time interaction between the user and the existing application. The user experience is fully transformed, as designed in the Capriza Designer.

Business logic fully inherited

During execution, all client and server-side business logic, permissions, and workflows are automatically and fully inherited by the Zapp micro app. This ensures that all of your key business rules and processes are maintained, regardless of the amount of customization in your business applications.


Case Study:

The Linde Group Transforms SAP into a System of Engagement

The Linde Group transforms SAP into a System of Engagement, improving operational efficiencies and customer service.


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