Deliver user-first micro apps with no coding

The Designer allows you to rapidly create one-minute micro apps, called Zapps, on top of your business applications without coding or APIs, while automatically inheriting all business logic and customizations. Empower citizen developers to build, style, and publish beautiful micro apps that deliver high impact business value.

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Build simple, task-based mobile workflows

Transform your complex, multi-step application workflows into discrete mobile-enabled tasks. Using point-and-click technology, simplify and automate the business processes of the application. No coding, no APIs, and no upgrades required. For common use cases, leverage Capriza’s pre-built Universal Micro Apps to deliver user-first experiences on any of your business applications even faster.

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Style to create beautiful, modern Zapps

Beautifully style Zapps for a modern, simple, and intuitive user experience on any device, with mobile features like swipe, scroll, camera, and GPS. Create a consistent, branded experience across all Zapps regardless of your different business applications.

Publish instantly to your users

Publish Zapps instantly to the WorkSimple app for easy access to all relevant users. Zapps are accessible on any mobile platform and can be integrated with your existing security and access infrastructure.

Case Study:

City of LA Saves $2.4M on Smart City Journey

Los Angeles is leveraging mobile and cloud technologies to simplify and mobilize workflows and information for city departments, citizens, businesses, and tourists.


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