Research Findings: Approvals Within ServiceNow

Capriza’s newest eBook contains exclusive 2019 research findings gathered in conjunction with Pulse Q&A. It’s focused on the role of corporate approvals within today’s modern enterprise – with a special emphasis on how approvals are perceived by users of ServiceNow, the popular cloud-based IT service management platform that is focused on efficient work routing.

This research provides results that answer these and other questions:

  • How are current approval workflows helping or hindering corporate decision-making?
  • How effective is email as a tool for managing approvals?
  • What is the role of mobility in approval management?
  • What role do collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams have to play?
  • How are approvals uniquely perceived by IT leaders who’ve implemented ServiceNow?

This set of findings shed a great deal of light on the state of enterprise approvals in 2019, both in general, and specifically for organizations that use ServiceNow.