30-Day Trial Offer FAQ

ServiceNow is a robust application with a number of approval types, yet at times this abundance of approvals can lead to managers losing track of them within email inboxes, which is where they are typically managed by ServiceNow users. This offer is designed to rapidly show immense value to ServiceNow users by pointing to a much better way to manage the approvals that travel through it – across mobile, desktop, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We’ve created ApproveSimple to elegantly extract and beautifully bring together approvals from your company’s core applications, such as ServiceNow. We make cumbersome approvals of all types fast and easy, helping to speed decision-making by up to 70%, while dramatically improving the quality of those decisions.

We think you’ll see the most value in having your team elegantly manage their ServiceNow approvals right on their smartphones, using the ApproveSimple mobile app. Download it here for iOS, and download it here for Android. Get in, make decisions, and get out – all completed in seconds. ApproveSimple is also available for companies who are using Slack or Microsoft Teams, as well as on desktop computers.

You’re free to configure this however you’d like, and can connect Capriza’s ApproveSimple to a ServiceNow demo instance, a development sandbox, to your staging environment or to your live production environment.

Everyone whom you designate as an approver will receive an email with a unique confirmation link directly into the app.

The 3 approval types available within the free 30-day trial are ones that are very highly-used: Change Requests, Service Requests and Item Requests.

That said, Capriza supports all ServiceNow request types and customizations with out of the box configuration. If you’re looking to go beyond the three free request types, just get in touch and we’ll set up a quick call to show you how easy it is.

Anyone in your organization who has approvals that they manage or need to respond to can use ApproveSimple. This means both “power users” who approve dozens of change and service requests every day, as well as “casual users” such as executives or line-level managers who might have several approvals sitting in their email inbox. Casual users are often the ones most frustrated by having to remember their ServiceNow logins, as well as its lack of mobile approvals, and will likely be the users most delighted by your decision to give ApprovalSimple a try.

You’ll need to provide the API URL of the ServiceNow instance (i.e. https://dev80853.service-now.com/api/now) you’re connecting to, as well as an administrator username and password. The administrative account must have API access privileges. Capriza will use this information to continuously read only the requests you’ve authorized us to read, and then to commit them upon approval in the ApproveSimple app on behalf of the approver.

Once you have completed your successful 30-day trial, your engagement manager will get you in touch with the right people at Capriza to discuss the best ways for you to continue maximizing the value of simplified approvals.

Capriza’s ApproveSimple already has integrations and templates for other popular applications and their approvals, such as Oracle, SAP, Ariba, Concur, Coupa and Workday. Our pre-built library of API-powered integrations, as well as our ability to integrate even your homegrown applications, allows you to deploy other applications to Capriza within weeks.

We’ll be happy to work with you to ensure that ApproveSimple accurately captures the approvals that make sense for your unique organization. The product supports all ServiceNow request types and customizations with out of the box configuration.

If you’re looking to customize, or go beyond the free trial’s three free request types, just get in touch and we’ll set up a quick call to show you how easy it is.

Our documentation site likely has many of the answers you’re looking for. Here are two in particular that we believe will be most helpful:

You’ll also be assigned a trial engagement manager who will reach out to you as soon as you’ve registered, and you’ll be able to work with your manager directly with any questions you might have. For any other questions, reach out to us at trials@capriza.com, and we’ll get back to you right away.

No – you don’t need to purchase any additional ServiceNow licenses in order to use ApproveSimple.

You can get started with the ApproveSimple for ServiceNow 30-day trial here.