Are Your Custom-Built Systems Popping Out at the Seams?

Now you can make your workflows lighter and faster.

Over 50% of enterprise applications were custom built to automate critical business workflows across all aspects of the business. From customer service to equipment repair, sales ops to compliance, employees across the company rely on them. However, these applications were built decades ago, before mobility was even a thought, let alone a need. The mindset of today’s workforce has shifted towards being more agile, productive, and self-serve. As a result, you need to modernize and simplify your systems to enable your workforce to complete a task anytime, anywhere, and to do it quickly. Today’s employees seek modern, simple apps that help boost productivity and untether them from the desktop.

The Challenges with Simplifying Custom-Built Applications

Whether inherited from an earlier team or created on your watch, custom applications are were not built for a simple user experience. Each system was likely created with unique languages and platforms – Java, SQL, Unix, or even COBOL – and extremely complex screens and workflows. Most options to modernize and mobilize custom-built systems require coding and APIs, which make the project time-intensive, very risky, and cost-prohibitive if mobilizing multiple applications. Shouldn’t you be able to extend the life of yesterday’s custom-built applications by mobilizing and simplifying workflows around what the user needs to accomplish quickly, without any additional custom coding or APIs?

How Capriza Solves

Capriza’s custom mobile app development simplifies and mobilizes any workflow from any HTML-based custom-built system and transforms it into a one-minute workflow, created around what a user needs to do at that moment in time. With Capriza, you can:

  • Simplify and mobilize any HTML-based custom application workflow in days with no coding or upgrades
  • Increase adoption of critical workflows with quick and easy access from any device
  • Modernize all your applications, including SAP, Oracle, and other ISVs
  • Extend controlled application access to partners or specific teams
  • Modernize custom-built systems cost-effectively, with immediate time to value and using existing IT resources



Capriza Platform Benefits

One-Minute Workflows

One-Minute Workflows

  • Simple, quick, bite-sized Zapps
  • Personalized and customized by user
  • Smart proactive features save users time
Modernize Legacy Systems

Modernize Legacy Systems

  • Application agnostic – works with any HTML-based system
  • Inherit business logic and rules
  • Any device – iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets
No Business Disruption

No Business Disruption

  • 0 Coding, 0 APIs, 0 Upgrades
  • Design a Zapp in days with existing resources
  • Immediate deployment
The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

  • No data stored on device
  • End-to-end security encryption – ISO 27001 compliant
  • Integrates with MDM solutions

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The Linde Group Transforms SAP into a System of Engagement

The Linde Group transforms SAP into a System of Engagement, improving operational efficiencies and customer service.

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