Make Salesforce Quick and Easy to Use

Turn the elephant-size app on an iPhone into personalized bite-size apps.

For account teams and business managers, Salesforce is the definitive location to log and track customer opportunities. When deal info is current, approvals move quickly and critical reports guide important decisions. However, traveling account teams seldom have time to navigate complex Salesforce screens to submit updates. As a result, decisions are delayed, revenue is stalled, and for some organizations resellers lack vital customer information. To increase sales velocity, coordinate customer contact, and accurately predict revenue, users need quick, simplified access to specific Salesforce workflows.

The Challenges with Simplifying Salesforce

Even as the market leader in SaaS CRM, Salesforce has a surprisingly complex user interface. Updates that should take minutes to complete require extensive screen scrolling that consumes precious time. Even workflows built with Salesforce1 Lightning require employees to wait for fields to refresh, which doesn’t make for quick user-centric workflows. For IT, simplifying using Salesforce1 Lightning involves custom coding that takes time, developer resources, and money. Shouldn’t you be able to simplify Salesforce without coding, so users can update information and approvals in the few minutes between appointments?  

How Salesforce Mobile Simplifies Workflow

Capriza simplifies and mobilizes any Salesforce workflow and transforms it into a one-minute workflow, built around what a user needs to do at that moment in time. With Capriza, you can:

  • Simplify and mobilize any Salesforce workflow in days with no coding or upgrades
  • Increase adoption of Salesforce with quick and easy access from any device
  • Modernize all of your applications, not just Salesforce
  • Extend controlled application access to partners or specific teams
  • Modernize Salesforce cost-effectively, with immediate time to value and using existing IT resources


Capriza Platform Benefits

One-Minute Workflows

One-Minute Workflows

  • Simple, quick, bite-sized Zapps
  • Personalized and customized by user
  • Smart proactive features save users time
Modernize Legacy Systems

Modernize Legacy Systems

  • Application agnostic – works with any HTML-based system
  • Inherit business logic and rules
  • Any device – iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets
No Business Disruption

No Business Disruption

  • 0 Coding, 0 APIs, 0 Upgrades
  • Design a Zapp in days with existing resources
  • Immediate deployment
The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

  • No data stored on device
  • End-to-end security encryption – ISO 27001 compliant
  • Integrates with MDM solutions

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