Traditional Banking is Becoming Extinct

The only place for fossils is the museum.

New market entrants and changing consumer behavior are causing a digital disruption in banking. Today’s customers seek simple, personalized mobile banking services and instant response. According to Accenture, nearly 40% of Millennials would switch to a branchless form of electronic banking through a company like Google, Amazon, or Apple if the option were presented. New players are taking market share away from established institutions. Application modernization for banking means improved customer experience with simple, mobile-enabled experiences. This means anytime mobile self-serve access or quick processes by customer-facing personnel whether the task at hand is loan applications, account transactions, account status, payments, or loyalty program access. Welcome to the new rules. 

The Challenge with Modernizing Banking Systems


The challenge is banks must simplify mobile account access and enable employees to efficiently serve customers. However, today’s banking systems (FIS, ERP, CRM systems) are extremely complex and require substantial employee training. They just weren’t built for employee ease-of-use or customer mobility.

Banking applications need mobile access to account and loan originations, and must integrate with branch systems for seamless engagement across customer touch-points. And all without increased risk of a security breach. Shouldn’t you be able to modernize and mobilize banking applications to meet today’s customer engagement requirements without the need for a complete systems overhaul?

How Capriza Solves


Capriza simplifies and mobilizes any workflow and transforms it into a one-minute workflow, created around what a user needs to do at that moment in time. With Capriza’s enterprise mobile solutions, you can:

  • Enable customers to self-serve on any mobile platform
  • Increase engagement in branch by simplifying systems and processes used by customer-touching employees
  • Enhance branchless account activation by extending the reach of online account applications to customers’ mobile devices
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity through modern, mobile, easy-to-use versions of existing ERP and financial service apps
  • Modernize all systems cost-effectively, with immediate time to value, using existing IT resources



Capriza Platform Benefits

Simple User Apps

Simple User Apps

  • One-minute workflows – bite-sized Zapps
  • Personalized by user
  • Customized by user input and behavior
Modernize Legacy Systems

Modernize Legacy Systems

  • Application agnostic – works with any HTML-based system
  • Inherit business logic and rules
  • Any device – iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets
No Business Disruption

No Business Disruption

  • 0 Coding, 0 APIs, 0 Upgrades
  • Design a Zapp in days with existing resources
  • Immediate deployment
The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile

  • No data stored on device
  • End-to-end security encryption – ISO 27001 compliant
  • Integrates with MDM solutions

Case Study:

City of LA Saves $2.4M on Smart City Journey

Los Angeles is leveraging mobile and cloud technologies to simplify and mobilize workflows and information for city departments, citizens, businesses, and tourists.


The Most Secure Path to Taking Your Business Mobile

Learn how Capriza reduces the risk associated with mobilizing and modernizing business applications, preserving application security and integrity.

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