Tracking My Boyfriend’s Cell Phone – Best Boyfriend Spy Apps in 2024!

Tracking My Boyfriend's Cell Phone - Best Boyfriend Spy Apps

Whether for peace of mind or to ease concerns about fidelity, tracking my boyfriend’s cell phone has become a question of the digital age. It’s tough to choose the perfect spy app from the abundance of boyfriend tracker apps available, particularly with fraudulent or ineffective options in the market.

To help you cut through the noise, we have carefully evaluated the leading boyfriend monitoring solutions on the market. Below, you’ll get an overview of their functionalities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

So, continue reading to explore “how I can track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free.” And can keep tabs on your boyfriend’s whereabouts discretely and efficiently.

1. mSpy – The Best Boyfriend Location Tracker Overall

mSpy is the leading solution for discreet tracking of the boyfriend’s phone location. Launched in 2010, it has been an instrument for many to monitor their partner’s digital activities discreetly.

Advantages Of Using mSpy To Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

  • mSpy updates you on your boyfriend’s whereabouts in real-time, quietly running in the background.
  • The app’s straightforward interface allows you to monitor texts, calls, and social media without constant vigilance.
  • For those with busy schedules, mSpy can send notifications for specific keywords typed by your boyfriend.
  • It keeps tabs on interactions within dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble, capturing messages even if they’ve been deleted.
  • The app provides access to the boyfriend’s browser history to maintain transparency.
  • A reliable GPS tracker to verify his location claims.
  • mSpy offers live screen monitoring and surrounding recording features to listen to the boyfriend’s environment.

How Can I Find My Boyfriend’s Location? – 3 Easy Steps

If you’re worried about where your boyfriend might be or just want to ensure his safety, here’s a simple guide on how to track my cheating boyfriend’s cell phone:

Step 1: Purchase and Register

  • Visit the mSpy official website.
  • Select a suitable subscription.
  • Choose “Try Now” and register for an account.
  • Provide a valid email and specify the phone’s OS.
  • Choose a subscription plan and finalize the purchase.
  • Save the email from mSpy with login credentials and installation details.

Step 2: Installation on the Boyfriend’s Device

For Android:

  • Access the Android phone physically.
  • Go to the Android Play Store and disable Play Protect in the settings.
  • Download and install the mSpy app using the URL from the setup email.
  • Enter the registration code from the email during the installation.
  • Enable stealth mode if necessary and complete the setup per the instructions.

For Non-Jailbroken iPhones:

  • Obtain the iCloud credentials of your boyfriend’s iPhone.
  • Enter these credentials into the mSpy dashboard.
  • Ensure iCloud backup is active and wait for the data to sync.

For Jailbroken iPhones:

  • Use Cydia to add the mSpy repository.
  • Install mSpy from the repository and follow the prompts.
  • Restart the SpringBoard when prompted.

Step 3: Monitor the Device

  • Finally, log into your mSpy dashboard and start monitoring your boyfriend’s exact location and cell phone activities.

With these three steps, you can discreetly keep tabs on your boyfriend’s whereabouts and ensure that he is where he says he is.

What Else You Can Do with mSpy

mSpy is an app that lets you check on your boyfriend’s online activities in many ways. It can:

  • Look at what he does on social media.
  • Read his text messages across all social media platforms.
  • Look at his call history.
  • Find deleted messages.

mSpy is good at watching what he does on most popular Apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. For instance, you can monitor the pictures and videos he shares. mSpy works secretly, so he won’t know you’re checking. This app gives you a detailed look at what your boyfriend does on the internet, so you won’t miss anything.

Other Apps to Track My Boyfriend’s Location for Free

Several apps promise to track my boyfriend by phone number for free. You can easily observe who he talks to, the duration of his conversations, and his online interactions with a simple and intuitive dashboard. Let’s evaluate some options.

Moniterro – Best for Tracking A Boyfriend’s Without Permission

moniterro location

Originally crafted as a parental control app, Moniterro has the necessary features to monitor your boyfriend’s digital footprint subtly. The tracking app excels with an instant alert feature for specified contacts and offers rapid installation, comprehensive tracking, and discreet monitoring for your peace of mind.


  • Offers detailed insights into call logs, texts, and social media.
  • Real-time GPS location tracking is available.
  • Capability to limit and block device usage remotely.
  • Remote device locking feature for added control.


  • It might not offer the same level of stealth as other apps.
  • The free version has limited features.

Phonsee – A Popular Solution for Where Is My Boyfriend Right Now

Phonsee is not just a general monitoring tool—it’s specially crafted for individuals looking to track their boyfriend’s phone number and location discreetly. The app has grown from a simple call and message tracker to a leading app for relationship monitoring.

It has adapted to today’s complex digital world by adding new features like real-time location tracking and phone number monitoring. This makes it a trusted tool for partners who want to stay informed.


  • GPS tracking to locate your boyfriend’s phone.
  • Extensive keylogging for oversight on various communication apps.
  • Functionality within encrypted apps.


  • Fewer features in comparison to other apps in the same price bracket.

Eyezy – Excellent App for Both Online and Offline Monitoring

Eyezy stands as a cutting-edge monitoring application, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for those seeking insights into their partner’s phone activity. With its powerful tracking of my boyfriend’s cell phone capabilities, Eyezy delivers real-time notifications and detailed usage reports. Whether it’s location tracking, message monitoring, or app usage analysis, Eyezy provides an all-in-one tracking solution.


  • Instant Magic Alert for personalized notifications
  • Competitive subscription offers
  • Regular updates for seamless functionality
  • Comprehensive data analytics
  • In-depth call monitoring feature


  • Some restrictions on iOS device capabilities

Haqerra – A Popular App Designed to Track Boyfriend’s Phone

haqerra location

For iPhone users, Haqerra is the go-to for screen recording without jailbreaking, offering access to apps and games. If you’re curious about how to track your boyfriend’s phone location for free without him knowing, Haqerra provides a suite of surveillance features that work discreetly.


  • No jailbreaking is needed, ensuring safe access to the target device.
  • High-quality recording and screenshots with less hassle.
  • Scheduled screenshots to keep tabs on messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.


  • Lack of automatic report generation. – A Renowned Cheating Boyfriend Tracker App


Scannero is a simple app that helps you uncover how to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free without him knowing just by using his phone number. It’s easy to use for everyone, even if you’re not good with technology. With Scannero, you can:

  • Track where your partner goes with Google Maps.
  • Get live updates on his location.

Here’s what’s good and not so good about Scannero:


  • Really accurate location tracking with Google Maps.
  • Easy for anyone to use.
  • Includes SIM card change notifications
  • You can try it for free first.
  • Different price options for what you need.


  • Needs a good internet connection to work well.
  • You must have permission from the person you’re tracking because of privacy rules.
  • Only works with phone numbers, so it might not do everything you need.

uMobix – A Top-Rated Mobile Spy Tool for Full Insight Into His Activity


uMobix is a high-end app that lets you see what’s happening on someone else’s phone. It’s good for checking on your partner’s phone use. 


With uMobix, you can:

  • See where they are at any moment and get alerts if they go to certain places.
  • Look at all the photos and videos on their phone.
  • Block apps to limit how they use their phone.
  • Watch live videos from the phone’s camera.


  • It can be expensive, especially if you want to watch more than one phone.

How Do Boyfriend Tracker Apps Work?

Boyfriend tracker apps are designed to employ GPS technology to track my cheating boyfriend’s cell phone. They often work in stealth mode and can monitor more than just location, such as messages, calls, and social media usage.

Although each app is built differently, the top-rated ones on our list are especially sneaky and won’t alert your boyfriend to their presence. Research indicates that nearly half of the couples dealing with infidelity resort to measures like monitoring and sharing passwords as a way to mend their relationship.


Are boyfriend phone tracker apps safe?

Tracking apps for your boyfriend’s cell phone are generally secure if you opt for a paid version from a reputable brand, such as mSpy, Moniterro, or Phonsee. Avoid free apps as they’re often scams or don’t work properly. A high-end app remains hidden, doesn’t interfere with the phone’s normal functioning, and is hard to detect.

Is it possible to monitor my boyfriend’s phone?

While certain apps promise the ability to track my boyfriend’s cell phone using just his number and without him knowing, truly reliable and precise monitoring often necessitates initial access to set up the tracking application. Once an app such as mSpy is installed on your boyfriend’s phone, you can discreetly observe his phone activity from a distance.

Is there a free app to track my boyfriend’s phone?

You can find free apps that claim to track your boyfriend’s phone, but they often lack the thoroughness and stealth of paid services such as mSpy. mSpy provides a 14-day refund policy, giving you the chance to try it out and see if it meets your needs without any monetary commitment.

How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone – Bottom Line!

Tracking your boyfriend’s phone discreetly and effectively requires choosing a reliable spy app. Among the various options, our thorough research of these spy apps points to mSpy as the leading tracking app for keeping an eye on your boyfriend’s phone location and online behavior.

Keep an eye on your love, quietly and cleverly, with the top-secret boyfriend tracker!


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