Fast, simple, and self-serve

Imagine your company where employees, partners, and customers are unrestricted by the complexity of technology systems. Where they are able to complete a needed task in a minute’s time, wherever they are, on any device. People are truly empowered, mobilized, agile, and able to self-serve. It’s where these powerful minutes of productivity become the competitive advantage. 

This is how innovative companies are disrupting industries, and how modern companies are disrupting themselves.  

The average enterprise has 750 software applications housing information and processes that keeps the business moving. Yet none of the systems are ubiquitous and the complexity behind these systems is astounding. Brilliant for housing information but a barrier for efficiency and speed.

The good news is that all the years and dollars you’ve spent customizing these applications – the processes, the business logic, the data is absolutely usable and necessary to transform to the one-minute enterprise.

Capriza is a mobile app development company that removes the complexity from these systems and empowers you to create a new front-end that is simple, personal, and smart – the way enterprise applications should be.  And you can do this with no disruption to your business – no APIs, no new infrastructure, no coding. In fact, you can achieve it using the human capital that you already have in place. Imagine that.

With Capriza, you can simplify and mobilize any workflow from any legacy enterprise application and transform it into a one-minute workflow. Let’s start the journey.


Transform to the One-Minute Enterprise

Modernize Business Systems

Modernize Business Systems

Transform workflows from any system into simplified one-minute workflows called Zapps. And do it with no disruption to your business – no APIs, no infrastructure changes, no coding.

Be Agile and First to Market

Be Agile and First to Market

Empower employees and partners to respond in real-time with smart and personal business alerts for core business and corporate processes. Your users personalize their experience and are more productive.

Seize the Customer in Real-Time

Seize the Customer in Real-Time

Beautiful consumer-like design, enable customers to self-serve happily and keep coming back. And simple and smart user experiences enable your employees to service your customers quickly and easily. 


The One-Minute Enterprise is here. How you modernize, simplify, and mobilize will be your competitive advantage.

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