Comparative Analysis | Which is the Best Email App for iPhone?

Best Email App

Welcome! Let’s cut the long story! Why are you searching for an email application for your iPhone? Need another mail beside your main? Maybe you are seeking privacy or a separate channel with a co-worker? Whichever the case, you can have the most suitable iPhone mail app today on your device if you go through the comparison in this article.

We will discuss the best ten available options. We will have a brief idea about what makes each of them stand out from the competition and exist in the market for that reason. Are you ready?

Comparison | The Best Options in Mail Apps

For you to find your best iPhone mail app, we will now sort each of the best ten options available for you in the App Store. And what are the main features you may be looking for in each App?

Top 10 | iPhone Mail Apps

Apple Mail – (Default)

Best Email App

In most cases, it is the best free email app for iPhone. We will briefly discuss its brilliant features now. First, its ease of use and compatibility with all iPhone’s features is remarkable, no doubt. And that’s because it is the preinstalled (Default) mail app for iPhones. With Apple Mail, you also enjoy:

  • Superior contact search
  • Undo sending
  • Schedule delivery

Outlook Mail – Looks Professional!

Best Email App

Yes! will look more professional than any other mail not provided by a business’s website. Compared to, Outlook wins!

There is also an advantage of using Outlook Mail App, which is having the compatibility of using VB codes and scripts to automate the flow of your mail campaigns.

Gmail – Comes With Other Google Apps!

Best Email App

Many features can recommend Gmail to be your best iPhone email app. Most importantly, it will support many other emails from other providers to run on its applications. Also, it will integrate brilliantly with other Google tools, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Etc. However, it is still a common choice for those who switched from Android to iPhones.

Edison Mail – AI Powered

Best Email App

So you already got that the most powerful feature is in each paragraph’s title! Right? Do not skip reading because there are important details! Details! And that’s the magnificence of Edison Mail. The App is full of magnificent search tools! You feel that it understands your searching behavior and act upon that! The filtering experience of emails and activities is also brilliant with Edison Mail.

Yahoo! Is It Good for an iPhone?

Best Email App

It could be the best! Yahoo! contains superior handy features for businesses. Did you experience a lack of mail space before? Did you experience the problem of a super busy and uncategorized inbox? Yahoo is the answer to those problems!

With Yahoo! You get 1TB of space with your subscription. You also get a lite and categorized preview for every mail. It is easy, comprehensive, organized, and one of the best for businesses.

Clean Email for iPhone

Best Email App

This brilliant tool can work with your mail app for iPhone to help you be more organized and up to date. It is not a client. Therefore, you can’t send your message via Clean Email. Yet, you can enjoy endless features of filtering, previewing, organizing, and cleaning options for your inboxes in other mail applications. Just brilliant!

Spark – For Android & iPhones


It will work seamlessly on both systems without any problem. And that’s why Spark is the choice of tens of millions of users. Yet, that’s not the only advantage! Spark presents a unique user interface in terms of beauty and ease. The App is neat, organized, and easy to use. Also, it has a brilliant feature to prioritize notifications. So you experience less noise than it can be!

Airmail – Easier Interface

Best Email App

Did you know you can customize and save specific and daily actions for everyday use with Airmail? Yes! So you can create hotkeys to do whichever you excessively do with one screen tap. And that was only one beautiful feature of this App that is full of magnificent surprises of ease!

Spike – The Easiest Email App

Best Email App

It can be the best email app for iPhone if you are looking for a fast App to boost your speed with sending/receiving emails. With one swipe in a specific direction, you can do wonders!

Additionally, you can preview/play too many file formats via the mail application without downloading. And that’s a feature that matters in many cases, such as mass amounts/size of email files.

MyMail – Customize Your Notifications

Best Email App

Yes! With MyMail, you can filter notifications by sender, time, subject, and more options! If you give the notification settings in MyMail some time, you will get zero noise! However, the App may not contain too many features. Yet, it is a free application that will support logging in with multiple accounts from different domains.

Which One Do You Think Is The Best?

Hard to tell, correct? That’s why we have created this list for you. Each App we presented contains an exclusive feature. Deciding which is the best will depend on what you are looking for in your email App.

Conclusion – TOP 10 – Best iPhone Mail App

So, have you made your decision yet? After discussing the most magnificent feature in each of the best ten mail applications for iPhones in the market, you should decide now!


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