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Best mood tracker app

Are you wondering why you would need a mood tracker? We will answer that. We will discuss the recommendation of mood trackers by experts from all over the world. How can it help? And how to use that help.

Whether you haven’t heard of mood trackers before or you are an experienced user who is looking for a better mood journal app, you are in the right place! Here, you find a fine list of six alternatives and brief information regarding why and how to use mood trackers. Welcome to the first step of having a better today!

Should Everybody Track Their Moods?

It can help everybody, yes! Because it will help the tracker relate their emotions with everyday happenings during their journaling activities in their favorite mood-tracking apps.And what is the result of this understanding?

Discovering the Triggers

Mood-tracking applications will present beautiful features to allow users to interact with the application by recording how they feel during the day and allowing them a space to journalize it. With time and experience, such activities result in discovering patterns! And emotional triggers!

Knowledge is Power

That understanding feels like power! Because the app users finally know when and how they often experience a feeling/emotion they dislike. And that’s because they will start to notice patterns and repetitions that happened to them during journaling their days.

Take Control Now!

So far, so good! That’s because now you get to choose what to experience! After all, you should figure out a list of situations, places, or people that make you feel something you don’t understand or like. And you can now choose to have a better day!

Be Informed | Brilliant Reports & Milestones

And with the mood tracker apps on our list, you get more! You get daily and periodic reports and summaries to understand more about your mental health and feelings during a specific period you spent with your journals.

Best Free Mood Tracker Apps | Top 6 Choices

Now, let’s head to the best options to consider. Let’s list six of the best mood trackers available for you to download and install:

  1. Lasta
  2. MoodKit
  3. eMoods
  4. MoodTrack Diary
  5. Track Your Happiness

1- Lasta App | Feel Better!

Indeed, it is one of the best mood trackers. With Lasta, you feel better! And most importantly, you can check that in with one screen tap. Everything on Lasta is one tap away. And that’s why many people choose to use it. It is easy!

With Lasta, you can check in, write, describe, set settings, and have more methods to record your daily emotions and feelings. Additionally, you see many handy tips for using the application and feeling better every time you use it.

2- Moodkit | It Checks on You!

best mood tracker app

Brilliant, right? It checks on you! In addition to recording your feelings and usual experiences, the app will check on you now and then to understand more about your feelings and mental health.

With time, the brilliance of this intelligent app will analyze your daily records and triggers. Moodkit will provide reports, summaries, and tips to feel better today. And every day. Also, it has one of the most beautiful and neat interfaces among all other options.

3- Worry Watch | Helpful Guides & Tips

best mood tracker app

With Worry Watch, you can learn about Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Work Stress, Healthy Relationships, etc. There are many guides and helpful tips and recommendations for every check-in you do with Worry Watch. The app is interactive and will act upon your specifications and use.

4- eMoods | Well-Made Reports

best mood tracker app

You will see eMoods on almost every list in your experience of searching for the best mood tracker app. Experts regularly recommend it because its reports will help them with their clients and patients.

According to the user’s entries and interaction with the application, it generates ready-to-print graphs, charts, reports, and period summaries with a magnificent level of detail. And that’s why it is one of the best apps.

5- MoodTrack Diary | For Younger Users

best mood tracker app

MoodTrack Diary could be the easiest one on this list. This ease makes it compete among others because it could company younger users and help them check their feelings and emotions in an easy app. It is a common choice for parents trying to help their children and teenagers with useful parenting apps.

6- Track Your Happiness | It Will Remind You!

best mood tracker app

That would be the best free mood tracker appfor those who forget! Because some users might say: okay, I will forget to check in or record my journals. And that will result in false reports and inaccurate recommendations! That is the solution provided by Track Your Happiness mood tracker. It will handle the responsibility of notifying you and asking you timely about how you feel!

Mood Tracking Apps | The Summary in a Nutshell

How will mood trackers help you feel better today? The answer is: by checking on you! When you record and write notes about your feelings, you understand facts! Upon this knowledge and those facts, you can finally have the control and the upper hand to choose how to feel today! Feel better!


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