Extend your back office to employees on-the-go

Are you a Superhero in disguise? Capriza makes it easy for you to securely extend high-value workflows from your back office applications to remote workers, contractors, suppliers, and more.

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Rapidly create simple, one-minute micro apps using your applications. No code, no APIs, no disruption.

A beautiful, personalized mobile workspace
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Deliver user-first micro apps with no coding
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Seamlessly connect to your business apps with no APIs
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Drive adoption through live monitoring and analytics
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Enterprise grade security and scalability
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Mobile is the secret weapon to digital transformation

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Over 1 million end users

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Why Capriza? It’s simple...


Zero business disruption

Capriza’s patented approach to mobility means that there is no need to upgrade or replace your existing business applications, and all business logic, workflow, and customizations are automatically inherited.


Immediate time to value

With over 1 million active enterprise users, we know where you can deliver immediate value for the business. Then, with our no-code, no-API, platform, you can deliver results in a few short weeks.


One solution for all systems

The Capriza Mobile Transformation Platform supports all of your business applications. Whether you have SAP, Oracle, People, JD Edwards, or developed your own systems, Capriza can extend the reach and value of your applications.