How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number Using 6 Recommended Tools

How to Track Someone's Location with Phone Number

Have you ever tried to find someone’s location? Back in the day, when someone is missing from our glance, we’ll have to look everywhere manually. And it can take a lot of time to do so, with terrible results. All these things have changed these days as we are now blessed with advanced features that can be used to check someone’s location with ease and require only the smallest resources.

So if you want to know how to track someone location with phone number, we have prepared the answer for you.

Whether you’re a parent who wants to look after the kids or a loving couple who wants to check your partner’s location, these tools can help you out. In the first section, we would like to recommend a choice of app that can be used if you want to check someone’s location right from your phone. Yes, it’s possible, but only if you’re using mSpy.

Track Someone’s Location Using mSpy

mSpy is not something you can use to track someone by phone number. However, it does offer something better. With mSpy, you’ll have a neat feature to know someone’s location by utilizing GPS technology. This feature can grant you higher accuracy to know your kids’ whereabouts.

Using the feature is also quite simple. You need to make an account and get a subscription plan, and from then on, you can already use all the features mSpy can offer. But, of course, you need to deal with the installation process first, which will be explained directly to you in detail through an email.

Aside from location tracking, the main functionality of mSpy is actually for monitoring. Yes, you can monitor someone’s messages, calls, and even social media right from your phone. All of these can be obtained through a subscription plan that’s nowhere near expensive.


  • You can always track someone’s location using GPS technology, which is a better alternative if you want to find phone location by number;
  • Aside from the location-tracking feature, geofencing is available, a feature that’s definitely helpful for child monitoring;
  • Social media, message, and call monitoring are also available.


  • The installation process might get a bit complex;
  • The plans are not fitting for those who want to look for free options.

How to find the location using mSpy?

As we’ve mentioned above, instead of using the phone number location, mSpy will use GPS technology instead. To find someone’s location, you need to pick a subscription plan first which is available in three kinds, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

After that, you’ll be given instructions on how to install mSpy on both the target and your devices. Do the proper installation, and this feature will be available in your Control Panel. The Control Panel can be accessed using the codes that will be sent to you as well. So check your email for more details about this.

Best Apps to Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number

If you are determined for tracking phone number, there are some options available. Besides mSpy, we also have other recommendations that you can also try. Some of these tools will let you track someone’s location using a phone number. All you have to do is to put down the phone number, and their systems will work automatically by giving you the location details of the number.

Now, what are the recommended tools we were talking about? Check the list below:



The first tool you can use to check location of number is This one is an online platform you can use on any device. Just make sure that the device has a browser and is connected to the internet.

What’s interesting is that works in a very simplistic way. We think no one would find it to be confusing at all as everything is nicely described the moment you enter their website. There’s a special box where you can put your number. So to start searching locations using phone numbers, you can use this box instead.

However, can also be used by sending location-sharing requests to the target phone through a message. When the link sent is clicked, you can see the location of that number right away. The process itself is almost instant.

Features of

Talking about features, has some, including:

  • Easy location tracking using phone number;
  • Free access that can be used by everybody;
  • Straightforward location searching method as what you need to do is just put the phone number down;
  • Detailed report of the location will be displayed.

2) Eyezy

If you’re wondering how to trace a phone number, we can also recommend a special app called Eyezy. This app is a monitoring app that also has location-tracking features. As a monitoring app, it has some remarkable features, like messages, calls, and social media monitoring, which we are pretty sure would be useful for many.

As for the location tracking, it does have some unique features, which we will mention below

Features of Eyezy:

  • Tracking location using GPS technology to make the search more accurate;
  • A geofencing feature is also available, which can be useful for parents to know when their kids are leaving or entering the zones.

3) Hoverwatch


To track number location, you can also use another great option we have on the list called Hoverwatch. Instead of being just a location tracker, it provides users with a generous amount of features, especially regarding monitoring. For example, you can use this app to monitor SMS messages, calls, and others. As for location tracking, this app also uses GPS technology, which is known to be accurate.

Features of Hoverwatch:

  • This app can be used for various purposes, including tracking employees and knowing what the kids are doing online.
  • Checking internet history is also possible by using this tool. By doing this, you can always know what they have searched on the internet.
  • The phone tracking functionality can be accessed directly from your phone through an account.

4) uMobix


To find someone location by phone number, you can also use uMobix. Similar to some apps we’ve explained above, this app also offers greater features than just a location tracker. You can check the calls, messages, and monitor all the outgoing and incoming chats on social media.

Checking someone’s files inside their own phone is definitely possible as well. For tracking locations, uMobix has the feature to check the location using GPS. Keylogger is also available in case you want to get full access to the target phone by keeping a note of the credential details.

Features of uMobix:

  • Calls and message monitoring;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Files checking;
  • SIM card replacement detection;
  • Location tracking with GPS;
  • Deleted messages checker.

5) Intelius


The next app that we also highly recommend is Intelius. For those who want to conduct a reverse phone number checking, this tool is what you need. If you want to check who’s the owner of an unknown phone number that keeps calling, you can find the information about the user’s background.

Aside from that, most people would use Intelius to check the location of lost iPhones. The details about the location history and the previous owner will be displayed on the screen.

Features of Intelius:

  • Owner’s details, including the name, pictures, and others. And it doesn’t only list the current owner, but also previous owners in case there are any. Additional information including addresses will also be included.
  • Social media checker is a feature that is useful to check the social media that’s related to the phone number’s owner.
  • With 256-bit encryption, this application can provide better security than the other competitors.


1. What else do I need to have to track someone’s location using the tools above?

It depends on which tool are you planning to use. If you want to try the free ones, what you need to prepare is just the phone number. That’s it. The number is really important here, so make sure that it’s still active and the phone is always connected to the internet. Without the connection, GPS won’t be able to track it no matter how hard you try.
If you want to use the premium apps, of course, you’ll need to get the subscription first. If you just want to use it occasionally, it’s better to get the cheapest one, which won’t put much burden on your budget.

2. To check location of number do I need to be connected to the internet?

Of course! As you’ll need to open the online platforms in the first place, you will have to use an internet connection. However, what’s great about it is that the platform can be used on multiple devices as long as there’s a browser and an internet connection. So if you want to check someone’s location quickly you can just open your phone and start searching from there.
Also, if you want to check multiple numbers at once, you can only do it one per search. Simply copy and paste the number to the given space, and that’s it.

3. Are these tools effective in finding someone’s locations?

Most of these tools use a GPS to track the location, so in case of accuracy, we can say that it’s notably accurate.
However, the GPS will only check the latest location of the phone number when the number is still used and the internet is on. If these two factors are not fulfilled, the GPS will show you the latest location that might be days, weeks, or even months before.


So that’s how to trace a phone number, hopefully, our article can be a solution for those who might feel confused about finding the location of somebody. If you just want to do a quick search, we highly recommend using the online platform as they work fast and don’t require any installation. All you need is a phone number, and they will search its latest locations in a flash.


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