Accessing Business Applications on Personal Mobile Devices 
is Critical for Enterprise Productivity

Approvals are put in place to support compliance, control and visibility. Yet, the complexity of the workflow and the underlying enterprise applications have made achieving these goals nearly impossible. Approvals such as purchase orders, invoices, and time entries touch every part of the business (for example, Finance, Sales, HR and Support) and each type is critical to managing that line of business.


Managers face a tremendous variety of approval types, each with a separate log-in and user interface required to access the relevant data. Most approvals are initiated by an automated email link that is easily lost among email volumes, and frighteningly, introduces phishing risks. These challenges result in managers not completing approvals in a timely or disciplined manner and poses a compliance risk. Magnify this across the organization: the result is friction and organizational drag.


Mobility presents a compelling answer to these issues. A recent survey of 1,091 mobile users (i.e., knowledge workers that can perform the majority of their work-related responsibilities from anywhere due to mobile technologies) by ESG Research uncovered that 73% of these respondents use–or have used–a personal mobile device at work, which could include accessing core business applications. In addition, they found that executives are more likely to use personal mobile devices to perform their job functions than any other employee role. Furthermore, 70% of executives use their mobile devices to access and/or store this type of confidential company information, which can expose their organization to serious liability.


Consolidating corporate approvals and making them accessible via mobile devices can remove operational drag for busy road warrior executives, as well as for any manager who performs multiple approvals. Built-in security helps alleviate phishing and other cyber security concerns.


Learn more about Capriza’s approvals solution here:

Jeneane leads marketing initiatives at Capriza. Prior to joining Capriza, she managed demand generation for both large enterprises and start-ups marketing a diverse array of technologies.

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