Without Capriza's enterprise mobility apps, the City of LA would have had to invest in hardware, infrastructure, and development resources to be able to mobilize and cloudify the City. Capriza saved us $2.4 million over the traditional mobile application approach just for the Zapps we have created to date.

Ted Ross, CIO, Information Technology Agency, City of LA

City of LA is home to 4 million people and 244,000 businesses that span across 469 square miles. Like many other cities and federal agencies, the City and its departments have gone through massive personnel and budget cuts. At the same time, the Mayor is pushing to make the second largest US city the best place for all to live and work and to make it the most efficiently and effectively run city. Interim-CIO Ted Ross and his Information Technology Agency (ITA), are focused on leveraging enterprise mobile and cloud technologies to simplify and mobilize workflows and information for city departments, citizens, businesses, and tourists.

Business Needs

Creating a smart, modern, and more efficient city is an initiative of large proportions. With a total of 48,000 city employees across 40 departments and many city workers in the field, mobilizing workflows and access to information is essential. Each department uses its own custom-built technology system and mobile devices have not been standardized. The City of LA needed custom mobile app development that could work across any system, on any device, be cost effective, and easy for the IT team to deploy.


Capriza was evaluated for security, scalability, time to value, and intuitiveness of the end product. Ross and his team selected Capriza based on its ability to simplify tasks into quick one-minute workflows that enable employees to be productive, keep city officials up to date, and Angelenos connected.

Ross took an inside-out approach to modernize the city, mobilizing and simplifying IT department processes first then employee-wide to make the vision tangible. Next came a constituent communications management Zapp for city officials, and department-specific Zapps. The LAFD had an immediate need for automating brush inspection process due to the worst drought California has experienced in 100 years. In addition to other department workflows, on the mobility roadmap are Zapps for businesses, mobile friendly sites for citizens, and more.


Capriza saved the City $2.4 million over the traditional mobile application approach, just for the Zapps they have built so far. Without Capriza, the City of LA would have had to invest in hardware, infrastructure, and development resources to be able to mobilize the City. Zapps were created by existing IT resources, each taking about a week to create. The brush inspection Zapp replaced the antiquated pen-to-paper-to-computer process and within the first 2 weeks, 18,000 brush inspections were completed using the Zapp, resulting in a 150% increase in productivity.

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