Flex Simplifies and Mobilizes Critical SAP Approvals

I've been working in technology for over 15 years, and Capriza is one of the most innovative products that I've seen in a long time. We selected Capriza to help us transform some of our core front office applications into personal, responsive mobile apps that touch a significant portion of our personnel.

Myckel Haghnazari, IT Director, Web, Social & Mobile Solutions at Flex

Flex is a leading global technology solutions company headquartered in Singapore. Flex has approximately 200,000 employees, 120 sites worldwide, and 27.2 million square feet of global manufacturing operations. With $26.1 billion annual revenue for 2014, Flex has been a Global Fortune 500 company for 15 years and is a strong competitor in the market. The company offers a full range of services, from innovation, design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain, to a large variety of industries and end-markets. To consistently provide customers with efficient and effective products and services, the company itself must run in the most efficient way possible. Flex is achieving this through a large Mobile First initiative to simplify and modernize its systems and processes.

Business Needs

Flex understood that in order for the business to run efficiently, it had to first enable employees to complete necessary tasks in the quickest and most effective way possible. The most immediate need was to simplify and mobilize their indirect procurement process, as it accounts for a significant portion of Flex’s total spending, and is crucial in keeping the day-to-day business moving forward. At Flex, every indirect purchase order — from office products and travel services to materials for replacement parts – has to be approved by a manager within the SAP system. This system is extremely complex, and thus managers would hold off approving items until they had a substantial amount to approve. This caused a severe lag in approvals and negatively impacted efficiency, employees, and other cycle times. Flex needed to simplify and mobilize these systems to allow managers to approve orders efficiently. This is the first step in a larger business transformation initiative to modernize and simplify Flex’s company-wide processes.


Flex was searching for a solution that would simplify and mobilize SAP, allowing managers to approve procurement orders anytime, anywhere. Further, Flex needed a solution that would work intuitively across every device, as it is a global organization whose employees use a variety of different devices. Knowing that simplifying SAP approvals was just the first step in a larger mobilization initiative, Flex needed a solution that could mobilize processes from their 150+ systems, not just SAP. Given the volume of workflows needing to be mobilized and simplified, Capriza was selected for its system-agnostic solution and the ability to make it quick and easy on IT to create mobile workflows for its users.


Using Capriza’s mobile app development services, Flex’s IT team was able to create a mobile Zapp for SAP indirect procurement approvals to allow their 800 managers to approve procurement orders from their own devices, immediately. The end result increases employee productivity and vastly improves the procurement cycle time. As part of their larger business transformation process, Flex is deploying a Mobile First strategy that will include mobilizing and simplifying processes across the organization, such as consolidating workflows, providing executive dashboards for real-time insights on production, and warehouse management for supply chain.


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