With Capriza, we have created noticeable efficiencies in the business with some important sales and operations transactions that used to take from upwards of 24 hours now down to a matter of seconds.

Bob Wuss, Region Americas IS Manager, The Linde Group

The Linde Group is the world’s largest gases and engineering company with customers in the industrial, retail, trade, science, research and public sectors. They have 65,000 employees worldwide in more than 100 countries. From precisely engineered carbon dioxide spot-cooling systems to enhancing the freshness of our favorite foods and beverages, Linde is leading the way to an efficient and sustainable future through smarter engineering processes and plants, connected by a smarter gases distribution network.

Business Needs

Linde Group’s North American Information Systems team is focused on enhancing business efficiencies that result in better customer service and easing employees’ jobs. In order to achieve this, they needed to simplify and mobilize web-based business applications such as SAP to accelerate important business tasks. This involves digitizing pen-to-paper-to-computer processes, real-time quick access to customer data, and enhancing other processes that leverage business systems. The Linde IS team also needed to be able to deliver solutions to their business partners in rapid time – enabling the department to be agile and quickly respond to business needs.


After looking into a number of rapid mobile app developers, the Linde IS team decided to deploy Capriza for its ability to take data from monolithic enterprise applications including SAP to deliver simple, efficient, user-centric one-minute workflows via mobile-friendly interfaces called Zapps. The Linde IS team began the process by focusing on sales and operations transactions. The team created a pricing Zapp for the Linde Healthcare team to enable sales reps to answer questions about price, invoices or cylinder balances in real time when with customers. For the Cylinder Supply team, Linde’s IS team digitized a pen-to-paper-to-computer process using a Zapp equipped with a barcode scanner to track cylinders in and out of their plant.


By leveraging Capriza to simplify SAP, Linde has reduced the time to complete tasks from upwards of 24 hours down to a matter of seconds. The Linde Healthcare sales team is now able to answer questions about price, invoices or cylinder balances within 10 seconds when sitting with a customer – a vast enhancement over the upwards of 24 hours it used to take with back-and-forth emails and return visits. The plant cylinder tracking Zapp eliminated the need write information down on a piece of paper, walk to an office, log into a computer and manually enter the information. The Zapp enables workers to scan the barcode via a mobile device. From an IS perspective, the Zapps were easy to build and enhance and required little, if any, user training. With Capriza, the Linde IS team was able to transform SAP from a system of record that provides the plumbing of their business into a system of engagement that allows employees, who otherwise did not have access to the system, to be able to leverage SAP for real-time business advantages.


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