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what does ft mean in text

What Does “FT” Mean in Text? All The Different Meanings Explained

If you’ve been confused about what does “FT” mean in text, it’s more than just an abbreviation for feet or foot. In chat messaging lingo, FT can stand for a lot of things depending on the context. This article will talk about what it usually stands for and what else it might mean when used in different situations.

FT Meaning

FT Meaning

To put it simply, FT means “FaceTime.” FaceTime is a quick and easy-to-use video conferencing application made for iOS devices. If a girl sends you a text saying “FT me,” she wants you to call on FaceTime or any video conferencing app that you commonly use.

What Does “FT” Mean in Text?

Now, you might be wondering, does “FT” mean the same thing on all social media platforms? The answer is, yes.

Context or situation can change the meaning, not the platform. FT means FaceTime on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and all kinds of Social media applications.

How To FT A Friend

FT A Friend

You can now make video calls on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even Snapchat, which lets you video call up to 15 friends at a time.

The feature’s been around for a long time but often goes unnoticed as more people are accustomed to FaceTime or Skype for video conferencing as these apps allow more people to simultaneously join a call.

All you have to do is go to the App Store, install the app, make an account, and add your friend. To start a call, you select the video camera icon or you can even start a regular call and switch your camera on later.

What Else Does “FT” Mean?

What Else

More often, FT just means FaceTime or alludes to video calling. But the world of slang and subcultures is large, so there are some other meanings too.

1. Full Text

If you’re reading a part of the text that’s been cropped or reduced by the sender, they may ask you FT? It means do you want to read the entire thing? If you want the short version, you can reply with “TL;DR,” which means “Too Long, Didn’t Read.”

2. Fallout Tactics

Fallout Tactics is the earliest non-standard computer role-playing game. It is set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe. If the person you’re messaging includes the abbreviation “FT” in, for example, a list of video games they have or enjoy playing, they’re likely referring to Fallout Tactics.

3. For Trade

This abbreviation is common in the chat rooms of online multiplayer games where players can trade or share items. For instance, if you read someone saying “Anyone has a Dragon FT?”, it means they want to trade you something in exchange for a dragon.

4. Free Throw

In basketball, “free throws” refer to non-game shots provided to players by the referee in the event of a foul from the opposing team. They must shoot the ball from behind the 3-point line, and if they score, they win an additional 3 points for the team.

FT is not often used to abbreviate free throw, but if you’re talking to your basketball buddies, it’s reasonable to assume that’s what they mean.

For example: “Hey Mark, want to practice some FT shots later?”

5. Fairy Tale

Everyone knows what a fairy tale means but how often is it abbreviated to FT? Rarely, because it’s not a thing and that would be difficult to infer from context.

6. Frozen Throne

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne is a popular PC multiplayer game by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s the same company that also made World of Warcraft.

7. Full Throttle

When FT is used in multiplayer racing game chat rooms, it can refer to “full throttle,” which means pushing the NOS for maximum speed. It may also refer to the old ’90s video game “Full Throttle.”

8. Fuck That

After FaceTime, this is probably the second most popular use of the abbreviation. Saying “Fuck that” means you hate something or don’t care about it. For example, “I got 3 hours’ worth of math homework today, man, FT!”

It’s pretty vulgar slang, so it’s probably best to avoid using it with your relatives or with co-workers.

9. Fun Time

FT can also just mean “Fun Time.” Say you’re about to go to a party together and your friends text you “Ready for some FT?” It’s not that commonly used but is another possible meaning.

smartest to dumbest zodiac signs

Smartest To Dumbest Zodiac Signs: Everything You Should Know

Your zodiac sign says more about you than just your personality. It can also tell you a lot about the type of intelligence you have and where your best talents lie. Some signs are more intuitive while others are more logical. Some have better problem-solving skills while some have better people skills.

Have you ever wondered what are the smartest to dumbest zodiac signs? Here’s everything you need to know about zodiac signs and intelligence. Although please note that these rankings are not absolute, exceptions have always existed. It’s just a ranking based on testimonies and what we know about the signs.

Zodiac Signs Ranked from Smartest to Dumbest

#1. Scorpio (October 23–November 21)


Scorpio owns the top position when it comes to wit, logic, and reasoning. They’re complicated individuals and often come off as an enigma. But when a job needs to be done and a Scorpio is in charge, they consistently exceed your expectations.

They have powerful perceptual reasoning abilities and are very difficult to deceive because of their natural cunning. Scorpios also know how to absorb and process reams of information in a short time frame. This gives them a huge edge when solving complicated problems.

However, having too much brainpower is a double-edged sword because it causes Scorpios to overthink and get paranoid in matters concerning their personal life.

#2. Aquarius (January 20–February 18)


Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. Uranus gives them their free-spirited inquisitiveness, while Saturn offsets this by offering calmness and stability. This duality allows them to understand and assess all kinds of ideas and concepts simultaneously without imploding.

Scorpios may be the smartest, but Aquarius are the wisest. They know how to keep a level head and tend to always consider the big picture.

#3. Virgo (August 23–September 22)


Virgos are the balance both Aquarius and Scorpios subconsciously seek to achieve. They pay attention to details, understand their importance, and look at the big picture.

This harmonious balance of intuition and perceptual reasoning makes them incredibly receptive. That is also why they get along well with others and have a strong sense of humanity.

Virgos have a methodological approach to life, and they know how to have fun. They may not scream intelligence or wisdom but secretly have the best of both.

#4. Gemini (May 21–June 21)


Geminis are in constant need of intellectual stimulation. Unless a task or job challenges their brain, they tend to get disinterested quite easily.

Geminis are skillful, resourceful, and attentive. They can handle managerial roles quite well. They can also be quite creative but only when inspired.

#5. Capricorn (December 22–Jan 20)


Capricorns may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but they are consistently effective. They have all the traits required to make intelligence flourish, like discipline, responsibility, and self-control.

Capricorns are also exceptionally well-mannered, well-dressed, and articulate. They know how to leave a lasting impression on people and have thus managed to climb the ladder to this spot on the list.

#6. Pisces (February 19–March 20)


Pisceans aren’t best known for their intelligence, although they display tremendous artistic feats. Pisces have a more intuitive intelligence. They live in the moment and rely on their gut more than information.

Pisceans’ passions run very deep. They’re not suited for monotonous occupations that require a lot of studying since they prefer to learn by doing and feeling the moment. They will also often pursue occupations that stimulate their most noble dreams or passions like becoming a priest, veterinarian, musician, or painter.

#7. Taurus (April 19–May 20)


Taureans are not known for their intelligence. But what puts them here on this list is their patience, pragmatism, and reliability. These are qualities that support and nourish intelligence, or rather wisdom, which is more useful.

Taureans are relatively more successful at making people like them and forming long-term relationships. This can help them get from point A to point B in life without intelligence. But when things get rough, they stop slacking off and pick up the books.

#8. Leo (July 23–August 22)


Leos are the most charismatic, fierce, and outgoing of all the zodiacs, and they don’t lack in the intelligence department either. Leos make adept leaders; however, they don’t work well with superiors.

Leos are at their best when they’re self-employed and running their own business or enterprise. They need to be allowed to express themselves freely.

#9. Libra (September 23–October 23)


Some consider Aquarius or Scorpio as the most intelligent zodiacs, but there are also those who would argue Libra and Virgo are more intelligent. A clash of perspectives, but it would appear they’re both right. Especially in the case of Libra.

Here’s the middle ground. Librans don’t have the same absorption capacity or processing power as Scorpios and Aquarius. However, they have the personality traits and wisdom that make them highly intelligent and book smart. For Libra, the key to life is achieving the right balance of everything.

#10. Aries (March 20–April 21)


Aries is one of the most impulsive Zodiac signs on this list. While they have the capacity to excel in all areas of life, including its most intellectually challenging ones, they seem to keep locking horns with others, much like the rams they represent.

This moodiness causes them to make irrational decisions, and they appear less smart than they could be. The major strength of Aries, however, is that they’re brave. So no matter how much life throws at them, they don’t throw in the towel. It’s a lesson the other zodiacs could take from Aries.

#11. Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)


Sagittarians are decisive, idealistic, and driven. But what puts them at this spot on the list is their lack of traditional diplomacy, tact, and impatience. Their idealisms are constantly seeping into every facet of their lives, and since they hate fakeness, they show it without regret.

Sagittarians also have a great sense of humor and are incredibly deep thinkers. The only problem is they have a low attention span. They need to engage more with the world and try to think objectively.

#12. Cancer (June 21–July 22)


First of all, despite being last on this list, Cancerians are by no means stupid. Rather, they have personality traits that tend to thwart rational thinking, emotional stability, and diplomacy at their worst.

Cancerians lack balance and tend to have many unfulfilled needs, which makes them cynical, insecure, and moody. This can have a real impact on their ability to make smart decisions.

uncommon girl names

100 Most Uncommon Girl Names You Would Have Ever Heard Of

Nothing wrong with a simple name like Jennifer or Kate, but sometimes a name can add more bling to a person’s personality. It can become a source of pride for them. Want to give your daughter the most unique identity you can?

Here are 100 of the most uncommon girl names you’ve probably never heard of and their meanings.


#1. Adia – “Noble” in German, also means “gift” in Swahili.

#2. Agatha – “Good” or “Honorable” in Greek.

#3. Aja – “Goat” In Sanskrit.

#4. Aliz – An Old German version of “Alice,” means “noble” or “exalted.”

#5. Amalia – “Industrious,” “striving,” or “laborious” in Latin.

#6. Amani – “Peace” in African.

#7. Arcelia – “Treasure chest” in Spanish.

#8. Arden – “Great forest” in Latin.

#9. Azura – “Sky blue” in Spanish.

#10. Beatriz – A variant of “Beatrice,” means “voyager through life” or “blessed” in Latin and Spanish.

#11. Brenna – “Little drop of water” or “raven” in Gaelic.

#12. Calliope – “Beautiful voice” in Greek, also “muse of epic poetry” in Latin.

#13. Callista – “Fairest” or “most beautiful” in Latin.

#14. Christa – “Chosen one” or “anointed” in Greek.

#15. Clementine – A deep-orange shaded tangerine from North Africa, also means “merciful” in French.

#16. Corazon – “Heart” in Spanish.

#17. Damaris – “Calf,” “to tame,” or “gentle” in Latin.

#18. Dasha – “Gift of God” in Greek.

#19. Delora – “Sorrows” in Spanish.

#20. Devora – “Bee” in Hebrew.


#21. Devyn – “Poet” in Irish.

#22. Elodie – “Marsh flower” in Greek.

#23. Esmeralda – “Emerald” in Spanish.

#24. Etta – “Mistress of the home” in Italian.

#25. Faye – “Belief” or “loyalty” in French.

#26. Fionnuala – “Fair shoulder” in Irish.

#27. Florence – “Blooming flower” in Latin.

#28. Guadalupe – “Wolf Valley” in Spanish, or “river of the wolf” in Arabic.

#29. Giada – “Jade” in Italian.

#30. Gwyneth – “Happiness” in Welsh.

#31. Haisley – “Hazel woods” in Irish.

#32. Havana – “Place name” in Spanish, also a type of cigar made in Cuba.

#33. Holland – A country in Europe, also called The Netherlands, also means “wooded land” in Dutch.

#34. Iman – “Belief” or “faith” in Arabic.

#35. Iris – Daughter of the Gods Thaumas and Electra from Greek Mythology.

#36. Isabeau – “God’s promise” in Hebrew.

#37. Isolde – An Irish princess.

#38. Ilse – “Oath of God” or “my god is bountiful” in English.

#39. Itzayana – “Created name” in Spanish.

#40. Jiya – “Piece of heart” in Sanskrit.


#41. Juniper – Juniper tree.

#42. Kamilah – “Perfect” in Arabic.

#43. Kamiyah – Created name in America.

#44. Karasi – “Life and wisdom” in African.

#45. Kehlani – “Sea and sky” in Hawaiian and “sea heavens” in Polynesian.

#46. Kesia – “Favorite” in African.

#47. Khadijah – “Early baby” in Arabic.

#48. Khari – “Queenly” or “born to rule and bring joy” in African.

#49. Kyra – “Lord” in Greek.

#50. Lalana – “Playing” in Sanskrit.

#51. Lalika – “Lovely woman” in Sanskrit.

#52. Larisa – An ancient Greek city meaning “citadel.”

#53. Layla – “Night” or “dark” in ancient Arabic.

#54. Lelitia – “Joy” or “gladness” in Latin.

#55. Leoni – “Lion” in Latin.

#56. Livvy – “Olive tree” in Latin.

#57. Logan – “Little hollow” in Gaelic.

#58. Lourdes – Name of a place in France.

#59. Lyanna – “Field” or “Gracious” in American.

#60. Magnolia – Magnolia flower in English.


#61. Maia – “Good mother” or “Earth goddess” in English.

#62. Marissa – “Of the sea” in Latin.

#63. Marixa – “Of the sea” or “bitter” in Spanish.

#64. Mercedes – “Reward” or “wages” in Latin.

#65. Millicent – A name of Germanic origin, meaning “Work” and “Strong.”

#66. Mirabel – “Wondrous” or “of wondrous beauty” in Latin.

#67. Miyanda – A name of African origin, meaning “of unknown meaning.”

#68. Morena – “Brown-haired” in Spanish.

#69. Myka – “Who resembles God” in Hebrew.

#70. Nadira – “Scarce” or “precious” in Arabic.

#72. Navya – “Young” in Sanskrit.

#73. Nerida – “Sea nymph” in Spanish.

#74. Nikita – “Abode” or “the Earth” in Sanskrit.

#75. Noella – “Christmas” in French.

#76. Nola – “A little bell” in Irish.

#77. Octavia – “Eighth” in Latin

#78. Odette – “Wealth” in German.

#79. Oksana – “Praise God” in Russian.

#80. Omarosa – A name of African origin, meaning “my beautiful child.”


#81. Opal – A type of precious stone.

#82. Pandora – “All gifts” in Greek.

#83. Perla – “Pearl” in Latin.

#84. Petra – A famous archaeological site of temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, located in Jordan.

#85. Piper – “Pipe player” or “flute player” in Romanian and English.

#86. Priscilla – “Ancient” or “venerable” in Latin.

#87. Quinn – A name of Gaelic origin, meaning “wisdom.”

#88. Rosalind – “Gentle horse” in German.

#89. Roxy – “Dawn” in Persian.

#90. Siobhán – “God is gracious” in Irish, also a form of the French name “Jeanne.”

#91. Serenity – “Peace” in English.

#92. Skylar – “Eternal life” or “Eternal love” in English.

#93. Tallulah – “Leaping water” in Native American and “lady of abundance” in Irish.

#94. Teagan – “Beautiful” or “Perfect” in Irish.

#95. Tessa – “To Reap, To Gather” in Greek.

#96. Trista – “Noisy” or “full of sorrows” in English.

#97. Wren – A name of English origin meaning “a small bird.”

#98. Yolanda – “Violet” in Greek.

#99. Yuka – “Reason,” “fragrance,” or “flower” in Japanese.

#100. Zahirah – “Brilliant” or “shining” in Arabic.