Drive adoption through live monitoring and analytics

Capture detailed analytics, including insights into user behavior and direct feedback, providing actionable takeaways to drive adoption. Manage the lifecycle of all Zapps through version control, group-based distribution, and permissions.



Direct Feedback

Direct Feedback

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Understand user behavior through analytics

Rich mobile application analytics provide visibility into the overall success of your Zapps through key metrics such as user count, device types, geographic location, and performance. Drill deeper into individual Zapps to understand specific user flows, allowing you to continually refine your Zapps and drive adoption and engagement.




Direct feedback from users

Maximize engagement by allowing users to provide direct qualitative feedback. Each comment is automatically delivered with user actions and application screenshots, providing you with the necessary information to enhance current Zapps and identify additional user needs.

Full lifecycle management

Manage the Zapp lifecycle through creation, distribution, and iteration. Capabilities such as version control, distribution management, and permissions provide an enterprise-grade platform to deliver, manage, and support your Zapps.


Case Study:

The Linde Group Transforms SAP into a System of Engagement

The Linde Group transforms SAP into a System of Engagement, improving operational efficiencies and customer service.


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