A beautiful, personalized mobile workspace

WorkSimple™ is each individual’s personalized mobile workspace. Access business workflows, receive key alerts through notifications, and instantly view critical information from all of your business applications. WorkSimple™ is a mobile application platform that personalizes and unifies business applications for your users, allowing your systems to work for your users, not the other way around.

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Live Slides

Live Slides

Zapps transform the way your users work

Zapps are task-focused, one-minute micro apps that present only the information and functionality that users need, removing the complexity of existing applications. Each Zapp provides a simple and intuitive experience, while utilizing native device capabilities. Zapps are completely customizable and created with no coding using the Designer.



Notifications make your applications smarter

Notifications allow your business applications to work for your end users. Relevant changes in your applications (ie. new approval request, changed opportunity stage, etc.) can proactively trigger alerts. As a result, your users have visibility into key data and can take immediate action, allowing business to run faster.



Live Slides present information at your users’ fingertips

Get timely information from your business applications, at a glance. Personalized for each user, Live Slides consolidate critical metrics from each Zapp, presenting them in a unified view, reducing the time and effort needed to see what’s important.


Case Study:

The Linde Group Transforms SAP into a System of Engagement

The Linde Group transforms SAP into a System of Engagement, improving operational efficiencies and customer service.


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Capriza: Your business applications. Instantly mobile.


Accelerating Sales and Time to Cash

Rick Keller, Director of Business Applications for Titan Machinery shares how digitizing and mobilizing business processes reaps financial benefit.