Enterprise-grade Security and Architecture

Capriza's architecture is designed to be open, flexible and secure

Trusted by the world's largest organizations, Capriza integrates with your business applications and meets the most stringent demands for data security.

Application Integration

Capriza employs multiple approaches to integrate with business applications, including APIs and our patented ZeroTouch web technology, along with flexible deployment options. Whether your applications are legacy, cloud-based, custom or homegrown, our library of connectors and SDK enable you to deploy within just a few weeks.

Capriza Cloud Services

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant

All data in transit leverages the NIST-compliant AES-256 encryption algorithms over HTTPS, and any cloud data at rest is stored securely, protected by database encryption, along with access controls and audit logs. Data at rest on a mobile device can be secured through multiple authentication methods.

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Privacy Shield

Enterprise-Grade Security

Integrate with your environment to meet your security requirements

Capriza supports the SAML 2.0 standard and is certified to interoperate with numerous SSO, Identity Management and Federation Services products. Capriza can also be deployed through your EMM. Capriza is a member of the AppConfig community and supports the AppConfig standard.

Identity Management

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AppConfig Community


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