One Solution for All Systems

And for all of your quirky users too – you know who they are.

Capriza’s enterprise mobility solutions enable you to simplify and mobilize your existing business applications (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or homegrown) for quicker workflows that work with any device. You can create as many workflows for as many mobility applications as your users need.


One reference architecture, one uniform security

Capriza leverages one reference architecture and one uniform security approach for the entire stack and it scales for any HTML-based application.  This is the only way you can be sure that all your mobile Zapps are predictable, repeatable and scalable.


All workflows right in one place

With Capriza’s WorkSimple app, you have one single store location for all the Zapps for your enterprise, making it easy for IT to manage and for users to find. All Zapps your team creates have the same user experience, and the same look and feel.


Personalized by user

Users get access only to those Zapps that are needed for their roles. This personalized approach is what makes WorkSimple mobile application platform and the Zapps contained within relevant to each individual user. Business alerts allow users to customize the information they need pushed out to them on a timely basis.


Case Study:

City of LA Saves $2.4M on Smart City Journey

Los Angeles is leveraging mobile and cloud technologies to simplify and mobilize workflows and information for city departments, citizens, businesses, and tourists.


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