Zero Business Disruption

It's not often that you don't have to change.

With Capriza’s mobile enterprise application platform, all the business logic, role-based policies, validations, and access controls you’ve spent years implementing are automatically inherited. As a result, you can immediately design and deploy fully functional Zapps, one-minute workflows, by next week.


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No migration or upgrades needed

With Capriza, there is no need to upgrade or retool your existing applications, and no painful migrations needed in order to achieve productivity. All the investments you’ve made maintaining and customizing the applications over the years are preserved.

No APIs, no kidding

Capriza can simplify and mobilize any HTML-based system, even SaaS and custom-built ones, without the need to recreate APIs. Which means no risk to your systems and no lengthy process of trying to recreate them.

Automatically inherit the good stuff

Capriza inherits everything from the business application, so you don’t have to recreate what you have already built.  All business logic and roles that you have spent time customizing are kept in tact, as they are. No retooling, no recreating, no nothing.

Use existing personnel

Eliminate the time and expense of using specialized developers and UX designers.  Capriza’s platform is as easy to use as powerpoint.

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